Sunday, 2 June 2013

I was very excited about the mystery shopping activity.

I was very excited about the Mystery Shopping activity. I took my friends to the nearby pizza hut delivery in ANSAL PLAZA, Gr. Noida. When we were about to enter the PIZZA HUT DELIVERY i noticed the photos and posters. They were just according the name, a running delivery boy with a hot pizza in his hand. They had the Safety Measures List taken by the PIZZA HUT. They were having different advertisements also. Some of them were the new Magical Pan Pizza for Rs. 44 for the customers and a job advertisement for the people who wanted to become a part of PIZZA HUT.

Now we entered the PIZZA HUT DELIVERY. A man Mr. SONU from the staff greeted us with a smile and welcomed us in. There were total seven tables with four chairs on each table. The interior was maintained good. There were different tempting fotos on the interior walls. They looked yummy. Two of them are there in the pictures. well the Ambiance of that PIZZA HUT DELIVERY was really good. 

Each table was having a ketchup bottle and an advertisement card which said 'Add a Pepsi at Rs. 20'. But the Ketchup bottles were about to get empty. The tissues were also absent from the tables. As we were searching the menu card provided by Mr. SONU we got our eyes stuck on the dirty floor. The floor was really dirty. It had pieces of paper along with footmarks. Different customers also noticed the dirty floor and obviously no one would have felt happy about it. 

We found Mr. SONU cleaning a table from where customers recently left. Well that was really the good part to clean up the table immediately as soon as the customers leave. The ketchup bottle on our table was now filled. There was Mr. CHIRONJILAL on the counter then handelling the other things. We ordered the pizzas of our choice. The order was clearly

The order came in a short duration say in around 15 minutes and as always we were lost in the extreme good taste of pizzas.In between when we felt the need of more seasonings and chilly flakes. They were immediately placed in front of us. And I am sure the need of more ketchup, if it would have been there, would also might have been fulfilled. 

The disposables for the cold drink were also provided along with the Tissues by Mr. SAURABH. And the need of more disposables along with the tissues were also fulfilled. We finished our pizzas and went to the washroom for washing our hands. The mirror placed was clean but was not free from some marks which were quite noticable. Well the washroom had one wash basin which was sufficient because it was PIZZA HUT D$ELIVERY and not PIZZA HUT. The wash basin was clean. The flow of water was also good. 

There was liquid soap provided in a hanging container. But the container leaked on pressing the desired push system. The platform underneath the wash basin was also not perfeclty clean as it also had some marks. But the overall washroom was clean to use.

We enjoyed our dine alot and left. But after some time i realized that i forgot to take the Bill with me. i rushed back to the PHD and asked for the bill. Mr. SONU said the bill went into the dustbin. They would provide us a manual bill with a stamp on it. It was really great of them but i needed the actual bill which was again asked for. Mr. SONU went inside for a while to ask the related suggestions. Meanwhile Mr. MANOJ and Mr. JITENDER were handelling the counter.

Mr. SONU now came out and generated the bill again for me. This way I got the bill back with the help of Mr. Manoj and Mr. JITENDER. The overall Mystery Shopping went really interesting and enjoyable.


Jagriti Srivastava [B.Tech ] 
Web Developer / Blog Master 

Fun with work – perquisite to a Mystery shopper

When I was introduced about mystery shopping it felt strange to me. Why would not anyone be? 
Imagine your work is – 

•  To go to outlets like Pizza Hut, M.O.D., Dominos, and Mocha etc. and spend time and enjoy the food there and get paid.
•  To go into a store, buy product of your choice and get reimbursement 
•  To go to showrooms for test drive, at airports, malls etc.

It is like getting paid for your own fun. 
A mystery shopper, basically, is a consumer that performs specific tasks that he/she has been assigned to gather the information about products and 
services offered and measure the quality of service. The tasks performed by mystery shopper can vary like purchasing a product, asking questions, 
registering complaints, avail certain facilities and services and then submit a detailed report regarding the experience and giving feedback along with 
the evidence of visit like image and visiting card of the official spoken to.

Last Sunday we arranged 2-3 mystery shopping assignment at the same mall and spent the day enjoying the work. First we went pizza hut and had 
our lunch there. Unlike earlier visits to pizza hut, this time we were more observant and professional. I paid attention to how warmly they greet the 
customers, how well they serve food and beverages, and the overall experience. Meanwhile we did a photo shoot of a model for be an icon of the 
zebra cab- The “face of zebra cab” that is a car rental service started in Indore. It offers flexible car taxi services at ease of customers. After 
completing that work we went for shopping and gaming zone and enjoyed the entire day.

All thanks to mystery shopping.!!

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