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Top 10 Bloggers in India & Their Aprox Earnings

Do you know in India, all those bloggers who are making lakhs of rupees monthly?  Well! If you know them, then you can also get inspired and make money online through Blogging.

These Bloggers are not any Super Heroes. They are normal human beings like you and me who are making huge money only through blogging.

The amount of money that they make, runs into lakhs. In fact, highly qualified doctors and engineers do not make this amount of money. It takes years and years of hard work to become a successful Pilot, Doctor, Engineer, MBA or a Lawyer. In US and Canada  a good Blogger earns 4 - 5 times more then a normal Software Engineer. 

However, here these bloggers are very young and still making money more than a Pilot, Doctor or a lawyer. To become like them you do not need any investment or money, you can start right from your desktop.

What's it Worth?

Its not only essential to maintain a quality content in your Blog, 
but also it it is very important to concentrate on making your Blogs popular. 
Here are some quick practical tips to expose your Blog in a better way.

Post frequently : 

It’s always better to maintain a proper posting schedule for all your Blog. 

It’s advisable to post at least 5-6 times  a week 
( Most of the Bloggers post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday’s in a week). 
You should post at least 100 posts a month to Engage with your readers. 
Too much posting would be a better option – especially for the newbies 
as it may Increase your Blog’s quality.

Use all Social Networks Daily: 
Don’t hesitate to promote your Blog in Social Networks like LinkeDin, 
Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. You don’t get the reader’s attention unless 
you promote your posts every time you publish especially when you just 
started your Blogging Career. 

Because if you publish and sit, who else will come and see your Blog ?

Make your Blogs load faster: 

Know your Blog loading time, you may know your Blog’s loading time here. 
Users have less patience. They don’t wait until your blog loads, 
if your blog loads more than 10 seconds then, there is no reason your 
visitors to stick with your blog, they will go away and find another blog.

Best tip to load your blog faster is: 

Don’t upload more than 5 plugins in your Blog. Although there are million 
plugins out there, but you have to optimize your blog loading as better as 
possible by decreasing the plugins which you installed. 
(Use only the better plugins)

Guest posting: 

It’s the effective way to improve your traffic/readers. And it makes your 
blog more better if you allow guest posting in your blog. Guest posting is 
a win/win approach, where both ends can be benefited.

Don’t Blog for money: 

I know every one’s goal is to make money from their blogs, but it’s not advisable 
to think about earning money from your blog from the starting itself. It’s almost 
impossible for anyone to make money from their blogs when they just started. 

You have to be patient, you need to maintain quality content in your blog, 
then you can test several ways to monetize your blog.

Find blogger friends to play well with : 

Having good relationship with other bloggers around your niche is really helpful 
for your blog. Both can get profited. More over, readers enjoy learning from many 

Have you ever been done these ?? 

Keep the above in your mind while posting. Have I missed anything ?? 

Share them below in the comments

1 Manage your expectations. 
When you sign up for Blog, you'll want to know what kind of revenue can you expect to see. There is a lot that goes into what kind of return you can expect, and managing those things will help you maximize your earning potential.

2 Traffic. First and formost, in order to generate any kind of revenue from Blog you must have people clicking on your ads. In order for this to happen, you need to have people on your site, reading your content! Whether you have a business website, or a personal blog, the rule is the same: Get the word out!
Heavily trafficked large sites can see over a million hits a day, whereas a blog might feel lucky if they have 100 visitors a day.
For every thousand page impressions (views) you receive, you may earn from $.05 to $5. Yes, that's a broad range—over a month, that is between $1.50 and $150.00! Where in that range you can expect to frequent depends entirely on you, your site, and your promotion efforts.
3 Cost Per Click (CPC). This paid every time somebody clicks an ad on your page. No, you can't click your own ad—Google will see this, and shut you down so fast your head will spin. The advertisers set the price for these ads, and they can vary greatly.
An advertiser may spend a lot on a per-click basis, but that ad may generate very little interest on your site. #*An ad that may generate $.03 per click may get 100 hits, but that doesn't add up to much.
4 Clickthrough Rate (CTR). This is the percentage of visitors to your site compared to how many them actually clicked on an ad. If 100 people came to your site, and 1 of them clicked an ad, your CTR is 1%, and that's not an unreasonable number. You can see how getting more traffic to your site will really make a difference.
5 Revenue per 1000 impressions (RPM). This is an estimate of how much you might receive if you have 1000 impressions (page views).
If you made, for example, $1 for 100 impressions, your RPM would be $10. There is no guarantee you'll make that, but it's a good way to check the overall performance of your site.
6 Content is king. The quality of your content is an important factor in understanding your earning potential. If your site provides rich, compelling content and a great user experience, you will have more interested users. Google's crawlers will also have an easier time determining the type of ad content would best fit on your site. Interested users + targeted ads = $$$
7 Start building keyword-rich pages. Liberally seed with well researched, profitable keywords, and get lots of high quality links to your site.
If your site is about topics such as debt consolidation, web hosting or asbestos-related cancer, you’ll earn much more per click than if it’s about free puppies.
If you concentrate only on top-paying keywords, you’ll face stiff competition. What you want are keywords that are high in demand and low in supply, so do some careful keyword research before you build your pages.

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Published: July 13, 2013 
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Have a goal, give your best; stay completely focused on your goal,  Be the 'NO OPTION PERSON'.
We have power in our dreams. But we must activate the power by making the decision to follow our dreams. "Power is yours if you let it go, If you let it show, if you let it flow.
Just  give it a start, With all of your heart, Give your best shot, And it will never part

You got the power.

 A no option person has no other options. He or she has to make it no matter what; do or die. When you become that committed, you are bound to make it happen it leaves  have not other choice!

To exemplify lets look at this short excerpt:There was once a general who took his troop to a major battle on a distant shore. As they approached the enemy, he saw that they were outnumbered and his troops were craven seeing the enemy, strong and big, formidable. It was the generals' belief in the potential of his army that kept the troop darting forward. As they hit the land, he saw the fear and how the men were tentative in advancing, so he had the order to burn the boats. There seemed no other choice, no other option; they had to win or die. Brisk and fearless because they stomped ahead. They fought and gave their all.

 "Obstacles are real opportunities in work clothes!" it was said.

Do not be discouraged by obstacles; unleash the  magic in commitment . We must develop a sink-or-swim, no-option mind set, a do-or-die attitude. We have to make it happen! If we do, if we make that kind of commitment, then our dreams will come true, as we 


Pilot’s Career Guide

Cover for 'Pilot’s  Career  Guide'
By Shekhar Gupta
Rating: Not yet rated. 
Published: July 13, 2013 
Words: 26,240 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301650040

Short description

International Airline Pilot’s Career Guide Learn Step By Step How to Become an International Airlines Pilot By Shekhar Gupta Niriha Khajanchi 

You won't come up with good ideas until you think outside the box


"You won't come up with good ideas until you think outside the box."

" Let's think outside the box for a minute and try to find a better solution."

No doubt you hear this phrase quite often and perhaps it let you ponder what it means in actual fact. The following steps will show you some quick ways to "Think Out of the Box" dint of stepping out of your comfort zone.


Some indications which tell you that it might be time to change your way of thinking include:
You're in a rut, you know it, and no matter what you try, you  keep fall back into the same rut.
You're not able to fathom out the solution to pestering problem and keep racking your brains to get the answer which is right on th top of your head and just at that moment someone else deciphers it and  which turns out to be an incredibly obvious one; it happens a lot.
 Just because it has always been that way, doesn't mean that it will go unchallenged. By expecting things to never change, you're infact setting yourself up for a lot of pain and unhappiness when things – and people –change around you, without taking you along. 
Ways to challenge assumptions include:
Constantly question yourself, keep badgering yourself to give them free reign.
Haste makes waste : Don't jump to hasty conclusions.  Reflect upon things until you arrive at better solutions.
CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE: You've been hammering out a new design for something at work. You've been trying this design for weeks, always in the same position. Try twirling it, turn it upside down, observe it in sunshine maybe under the trees, or project it into the ceiling and have all your co-workers lie on the floor to observe it. You'll be amazed by what a change in position can do.
When you limit your thoughts, you're caught with "Thinking inside the box" grappling with a limited set of ideas, and once you broaden your perspective you'll be amazed as you unveil that incredibly creative side of you.

Pilot’s Career Guide

Cover for 'Pilot’s  Career  Guide'
By Shekhar Gupta
Rating: Not yet rated. 
Published: July 13, 2013 
Words: 26,240 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301650040

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International Airline Pilot’s Career Guide Learn Step By Step How to Become an International Airlines Pilot By Shekhar Gupta Niriha Khajanchi 



A very crucial step in this direction is to first develop a positive outlook towards life.
-Take cognizance of your achievements and abilities.
Before you begin the process of setting up goals for yourself, realize that you deserve success and let every single thought that crosses your mind be imbued with sheer optimism. Once you start believing  that you can do what you've set out to do, and that you possess the talents and abilities for doing it and base your thoughts on this crucial premise, your efforts will be never  be thwarted and you will never fall short of accomplishing what you want. 

2)Use the PRESENT tense when writing down your goals. This will help you  picture them more vividly. Enhance you creativity dint of this  goal-setting process- 'Let your imagination flow.'
Let us first understand the need to meticulously set an effective goal; the merits of 'DETERMINING WHAT WE WANT'; so as to achieve what you want in life in a successful, focused and decisive manner by taking the appropriate actions within a finite time frame.

One of the biggest problems that one confronts is of 'Determining what they precisely want'. When you lack a clear conception of what you want in life, it stifles your attempts of proceeding towards it. The one lesson that accounts of all successful persona teach us is their extreme focus and goal orientation. A good way to begin the process is by utilizing the interstices in your schedule and taking  the time to write down the goals most meaningful to you and then list of what all you need  to accomplish them. Let's figure this out by looking at the BIGGER PICTURE of our life. Lets do a simple exercise to start with:

Write down for yourself the answers to some of the important questions:

Do I want to be in the best of health and what will it take to get there?

What direction do i want my career to go?

What kind of a family life do I want?

What is my expected lifestyle,  today and in the future?
How do I see myself in 5, 10 or 20 down the line?
To take an example, under the goal of maintaining good health, you can jot down: exercise 3-4 times a week, taking a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables.

While introspecting how you see yourself in 5 or say 20 years later, you might include: completing your graduation, Having a certain pay say 'X' amount of dollars;  being in a serious personal relationship (or maybe abstaining from the same until your career is established). 


Who wouldn't want to achieve more in less time, yet many of us abandon our goals before we accomplish them. Why is that?

Some of the reasons include:

Lack of will power and confidence.
Not being able to devise a workable plan for achieving them.
Having unrealistic expectations by desiring too much too soon
Being craven of failure or embarrassing oneself.
 Putting too much pressure and burdening ourselves to accomplish them.


This is the secret ingredient' 

Determine WHY these goals are important to you?

Date: WHEN are you going to achieve this goal?

DO – You have to take action, determine the actions you need to take and then schedule it  to make it happen.

Remember: YOU STEER TOWARDS WHAT YOU FOCUS ON, so focus on something great TODAY and lay stones in your path towards Success and make this journey indeed a beautiful one!

Pilot’s Career Guide

Cover for 'Pilot’s  Career  Guide'
By Shekhar Gupta
Rating: Not yet rated. 
Published: July 13, 2013 
Words: 26,240 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301650040

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International Airline Pilot’s Career Guide Learn Step By Step How to Become an International Airlines Pilot By Shekhar Gupta Niriha Khajanchi

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The man who craved for light, felt the darkness
The man who cried for daylight, turned blind.
The man who touched your life, but discontented he was, when he left and,
You can see it in his eyes.
Someone promised, things tomorrow will be so right.
You'll be strong enough to win any fight.
When I said life wasn't fair to all,
Someone said, "Trust me, life is nothing but a pack of lies".
There again I knew he lied ,but yet the tears
were held back tight.
In someone's house, a new born baby cried-
there was a new admission in this game called 'Life'.
And then everyone prayed to the Holy god,
to bless the child,
for years to come and years to go,
the child grew up, became young, then old 
and in the end 'I love You' he told
Then he lay in his grave,
only to hear these words again.
Even in that 
grave he craved.
There he was, smiling, and everyone else crying
to have him again by his side.
Why don't we at times stick to choices we like?
Even if it's not perfectly right.
At least it will not make us regret, about anything
in our later life.
It will teach us to fight even when the 
World is asleep 
In the darkest night. 

Arushi Jain 


A Complete 
Pilots Career Guide
Step By Step
Learn How to Become an International Airlines Pilot

Capt. Shekhar Gupta [Pilot]
Niriha Khajanchi    [MBA Aviation]

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But who can paint like nature?

Can imagination boast amid its gray creation, hues like her?
Its spring season. The sweet fragrance of the sprays in the air. The meadows are lush and green, with every creature in a mood to swing and sway, leaving aside a small toad in a well.

The picturesque beauty of nature hardly holds any importance to this creature, the only motive of his life being just to turn into a big green frog. It is but a natural tendency to look before and after, and pine for what is not the more one gets, the more he wants, which is the very essence of ambition. Moreover, when a person fixes his aim, he seems to be focused on that. Success corresponds to driving a car to a certain destination. The driver has to concentrate all around and tackle the traffic, rather than just thinking for the destination man has to beware  the leaves and thorns and not just admire the flower.

Life is a great bundle of little things.. Ambition, which takes the form of anticipation is advantageous for expectation in a weak mind makes an evil greater and a good less; but in a resolved mind it digests an evil before it comes; and makes a future good, long before.
The time is high that today's youth realizing his innate potential, gets on to his feet and realize that everyone has a difference to be made, a mark to be left on the sands of time and apprehend that:

Ambition has but one reward for all;
A little power, a little transient fame,
A grave to rest in, and a fading name
So friends and countrymen.
I will expect the worse, because it may come, the best, because i know it will come. 

Pilot’s Career Guide

Cover for 'Pilot’s  Career  Guide'
By Shekhar Gupta
Rating: Not yet rated. 
Published: July 13, 2013 
Words: 26,240 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301650040

Short description

International Airline Pilot’s Career Guide Learn Step By Step How to Become an International Airlines Pilot By Shekhar Gupta Niriha Khajanchi 

A Heart With a Knife by Shriya Arora

A Heart With a Knife by Shriya Arora